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What the Bible Requires

Posted by Justchecking24 on 2013-11-18 20:15:46, Monday
In reply to Or alternatively posted by Eldad on 2013-11-18 19:15:23, Monday

Your making the statement that only the bible is correct, and that there is no alternative. You dismiss the fact there are so many factors that play into the creation of the bible and its interpretation. It doesn't make any sense that God would create beings with a sexual orientation then place them into a society with rules against it that God created. What is the purpose? To see if those people will succumb to their urges condemning them forever. And if that is the type of God you get from the bible, than we are all pretty much condemned regardless. It is that type of thinking that leads to suicide, being created dysfunctionally by God and forced to live in a world where God forbids God's creations from living as they were created.

It would stand to reason that your particular belief is that God creates us with a world of obstacles that we must overcome for eternal life. That we must suffer our God-given desires to prove worthy of joy we cannot understand. Sounds more sadistic than loving. Should you choose, you can find a bible verse that forbids everything, which makes living difficult, but even suicide is forbidden. So how are we to cope? My question what is your particular orientation? Are you a true BL? I get the feeling that you are uniquely devout and seeking to convert people to your belief instead of understanding each individual's walk with God is unique. If I cause no harm while I am living, than let God judge me when I am dead. How can I trust humans to tell me about God?

The whole situation is far too confusing, and I would expect that this community would be more understanding. We turn to this site in order to feel accepted and understand that we are not monsters, but that is what I am finding more and more, and unfortunately not from the trolls. It would seem that even in the support community, we are expected to deny who we truly are in the light of a mysterious God. The time may have come for me to accept that there is no salvation for me, that I was created for the purpose of being a failure in the eyes of God. No amount of good I do in a boy's life will outweigh my evil feelings. Even if a successful healthy relationship existed between a special boy and myself, I would be condemned by everyone, even those frequenting this site. I would understand condemning those seeking to simply rape and molest for their personal sexual satisfaction, but not those seeking a "normal" relationship with an "abnormal" partner. As it stands, there is no comfort, so I may stop seeking it. I am a monster, and I either embrace it, or destroy it. Since my goal is not to do harm to a boy, it seems the latter is the best option.

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