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It doesn't look the same

Posted by Anonymous for now on 2013-08-30 22:10:42, Friday
In reply to New board in place posted by Eldad on 2013-08-27 19:23:23, Tuesday

It doesn't look the same.

You have either banned all non-fundamentalist evangelicals from the forum with your statement that "We believe that such a sexual relationship is sinful", or you are lying to everyone who visits by telling them we adhere to a belief which we, in fact, do not.

When we started CBF many years ago, it was as a place of refuge. This was a place where those of us who profess Christian faith could come and know that we would not be attacked for our beliefs as we would in Boychat, nor would we be expected to defend the validity of our beliefs as we would in Religious Debate Chat. This was a place that accepted the idea that one could be both a boy lover and a follower of Christ. Fast forward a decade and a half later and here we are looking at the reality that all Christians are no longer welcomed here and have to seek refuge elsewhere. This time, we are pushed away not because others disagree with us about a central tenet of our faith, such as the belief in an almighty God and our salvation through the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus. This time we are driven away because we disagree with a non-essential belief that the new moderator is requiring everyone agree with.

Rethink your position, Eldad. It's only one sentence in an otherwise wonderful introduction. It's a non-essential belief. It's a belief some members of this forum do not agree with. There is no need for a schism over that one, non-essential belief.

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