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That's not the point

Posted by Anonymous for now on 2013-09-08 21:09:57, Sunday
In reply to Hear that banging sound? posted by Eldad on 2013-09-08 04:20:33, Sunday

Whether I disagree or not is irrelevant. I am not interested in debating my position, which is why I have been careful not to present it, but rather to present a variety of Christian views that disagree with your own.

What I am opposed to is the idea that everyone who disagrees with your position on this non-essential issue should be cast out and considered to be non-Christian. Or alternatively, that you keep an itnroduction that lies to every visitor by claiming we believe something which we actually don't (the only two possible outcomes of you keeping things as they are).

Perhaps in future debates we may want to delve into that question and I may be interested in exploring why my view is different. But right now, that's not the issue. The issue is that you are making yourself out to be the final authority on what being a Christian means and basing it on a non-essential issue.

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