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Bluefish moment

Posted by Anonymous for now on 2013-09-10 20:54:21, Tuesday
In reply to A Goldfish moment posted by Eldad on 2013-09-10 06:44:13, Tuesday

Nobody is trying really hard. I simply had to look at the verse you spoke of in more than one bible translation to see if all of the experts agree with you. It turns out that they don't. In fact, ouf of the 8 translations I looked at, "fornicator" was a minority opinion, appearing in only two out of those 8. It seems that three quarters of all bible scholars who have participated in translating the bible into one of the major English language protestant translations disagree with you. I don't find that to be "trying really hard".

Now you are straying from a simple bible exegesis approach to a systematic theology approach. Though that's definitely the more robust approach to establishing your world view, it's not condusive to good discussion here unless I am willing to get into a lengthy debate. At this point in time, I am not.

But let's summarize what has happened here:

1. You stated that the bible is very clear on this issue and you attempted to prove it using 1 Corinthians 6.
2. I pointed out that three quarters of the major protestant English language bible translations don't translate it in the way that is required for your "obvious" view to actually be obvious.
3. You switched to a systematic theology approach, no longer arguing that there are verses in the bible which make your position clear but rather that the bible taken as a whole can be shown to support that position.

Since you like talking about the "whole flow", let's talk about the flow of this discussion. The flow of the discussion is that we are going from very limited, exact, and detailed study of verses of the bible, towards more generalized, broad, sweeping insights into what the "whole flow" of the bible is saying. The more broad your insights get, the less likely it is that everyone agrees with you. So, are we headed in a direction that proves that all Christians should believe the way you do? or are we heading in a direction that proves that there are views other than your own that reasonable Christians might have?

What Jesus criticized about the pharisees was not just their hypocrisy. He also criticized their focus on works-based salvation. He criticized their arrogance and their focus on making people follow rules, to the point where even the Sabbath was no longer serving man in the way it was supposed to, but that thanks to the pharisees man was now serving the Sabbath. If your view is incorrect and you are making all of these rules about sex for people that God did not intend for them to have, then yes you are just like the pharisees.

I understand that you fear being too accepting of immorality. But I would suggest that you don't have to be. No one is interested in making you say things you don't believe. No one is asking you to tone down your disapproval of any relationships. No one is suggesting that you go easy on those who disagree with you. If this is an issue that you feel strongly about then I encourage you to be bold and fight for your point of view at every opportunity. Don't let other opinions be voiced without your chiming in to stand for what you believe to be true. By all means, do those things. Be a champion for your cause.

What I am asking for isn't about you or your beliefs or your acceptance of anyone else's. What I am asking for is that you adjust the phrasing of the introduction of this forum so that it is more honest about the fact that we have a variety of views here and all views are welcomed. This is not your forum, this is our forum. It shouldn't reflect only your views, it should reflect ours.

Feel free to take whatever stands you want. What I ask is that you don't change our forum to make it fit your views. It's not your forum, it's ours. Some of us have been here longer than you have and disagree with your views.

By the way, cjat no longer exists. This is the only Christian bl forum.

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