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Re: Introductions and My Story

Posted by The Weeping Prophet on 2012-09-09 03:59:36, Sunday
In reply to Re: Introductions and My Story posted by Blackstone on 2012-09-06 04:46:23, Thursday

"I do not believe you are a ticking time bomb. I believe that as long as you are clear on where your boundaries are, you are fully capable of staying within those boundaries." I appreciate your words of encouragement. I hear stories in the news, most recently of men like Jerry Sandusky, who were unable to find appropriate ways to live out their attraction to youth. I think my greatest fear is ending up like him.

"Does it really matter that I was attracted to him sexually if the end result was that I helped guide him towards becoming a more successful individual and a stronger Christian?" This is a great question. Part of me wants to say, "No, of course not." Another part of me is cautious because I don't want my motive to be doing ministry to be selfish. Though I suppose if you really wanted to nitpick, no one has 100% pure motives in doing ministry. We all are sinners trying to fill some sort of hole.

"As to your plan to gain accountability from others, I would warn you to be careful what you divulge." I appreciate the words of warning. I am prayerfully considering who and how much when it comes to inviting others along for accountability.

Again, I appreciate your encouragement and your caution, Blackstone.

In Christ Alone,

The Weeping Prophet

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