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More questions from newbie puppy

Posted by Dog on 2012-07-25 06:07:11, Wednesday

Sorry if I come off as beating a dead horse here, but I'm curious to find out how others perceive BL as it relates to religion. I don't consider myself completely homosexual in the sense of having relationships with other men. I'm attracted to boys, and I think that this is a little different than being homosexual. I actually think it's worse.

I think that a lot of religious scripture is perceived differently by everyone. I think that everyone derives their own meaning from it. I've also read a lot about how people interpret the old and new testaments as being anti-homosexual (anti-pedophilia?).

My question: how do you, being as devoted to your religious beliefs as you may be, feel about being attracted to boys, as it relates to your religion?

I think that I was born how I was born, and that God knows this. I can't 'correct' what seems to be a gigantic societal flaw. I like boys. So do you think God understands this? I've never acted on my attractions. I'm really agitated about my sexuality and the popular perception thereof. I'm agitated that things are that much more difficult because of this.

I guess what I'm really looking for is consolation from someone who is more religious than I that being who I am is ok. I'm interested in any interpretations Christian doctrine, or any other religious doctrine, that says anything other than 'I am bad'.

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