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Re: More questions from newbie puppy

Posted by Dog on 2012-08-02 01:06:31, Thursday
In reply to Re: More questions from newbie puppy posted by Blackstone on 2012-08-01 13:48:59, Wednesday

I also don't look at BL as being a disability, although I think that people do experience psychological effects from being a BL and that's because those who realize they are BLs usually know that they are often looked at as being societal pariahs. The mindset that I use to help cope with this: it's the world, not me. I've never told anyone IRL about my true feelings about BL because they are better off not knowing, and I'm better of by them not knowing.

I cannot refute your religious beliefs regarding BL because I don't think much about religion when it comes to any aspect of my life. What I mean by that- there's a lot about religious scripture and history that I don't know. My idea of God was shaped from my religious education as a child and everyday experiences (work and leisure). I don't know if God has a plan. I don't know if there's a heaven or hell. I don't know if I want to know if God has a plan or if there's a heaven or hell. I don't plan on searching for an answer either, not yet at least.

Blackstone like you I believe that my point of view is also evolving, and since recently discovering this site, so is my faith and understanding of myself and other BLs.

Thanks for your response.

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