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Question about your view

Posted by Cat on 2012-08-15 02:02:31, Wednesday
In reply to Re: More questions from newbie puppy posted by Blackstone on 2012-08-01 13:48:59, Wednesday

You said: "I believe pedophilia is a normal, healthy, natural sexual orientation no different from homosexuality and heterosexuality. The problem we face is purely a social one. If it weren't for the social stigma and the incredible pressure society brings to bear against us, we would be able to live out a Christian life alongside our YFs without having to sacrifice the "eros" aspect of our feelings for each other and our sexual urges."

My question is:
If you were to take the social stigmas away, what would you think a man/boy relationship would look like that God would approve of?
I'm wondering in terms of comparison to traditional heterosexual marriage ideals such as exclusiveness, sexual engagement, faithfulness, and life long.



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