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it all comes down

Posted by Youth?? on 2011-10-03 20:33:46, Monday
In reply to Dr-Patient confidentiality in the US posted by Youth?? on 2011-10-02 01:24:46, Sunday

to America wanting to live in this circle. Your either born into the circle, or you have to be broken, remade, and iniated into the circle. The fact is, someone could have a true, real relationship with a minor, and the fact that they would WANT to talk about it (in a constructive way) should be okay, but, they just want to lock them up.

In *some* states, the age of consent is 16 years old. You'd have a hard time convincing me that that 16 year olds are *more* able to make an informed decision about sex, then say, a 14 year old. It's just not believeable. Add that on top of all the 'barely legal' porn, where they iniate new porn stars on their '18th' birthday, and you know that if it was legal for younger kids to be in pornographic movies, the age would lower, and get lower. There have even been many instances where, the minor would allow the adult to get intoxicated and then seduce the adult. And guess who goes to jail? Pfft.

I'm just done judging people's relationships, one way or another. You don't get to chose who you love, that is just a simple fact. But given there is a marginally large amount of people (even 10% of the world's population is a lot) more then likely having sex with minors. As a planet even, not one country, we should be moving towards patience and understanding... but might as well be asking for rainbows, puppies and ponies.

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