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Need to explain when the issue arises

Posted by Eldad on 2011-10-06 10:49:27, Thursday
In reply to oh boy posted by Youth?? on 2011-10-05 21:20:51, Wednesday

It's important for people to know what the rules are and why they exist. This seemed like a good chance to reemphasis the degree to which CBF is skating on thin ice and that a single foolish post could cause major problems.

On the wider issue of patient confidentiality, there was a film 'Priest' where the main character was faced with a scenario where a father was routine sexing his young daughter and talking about it in the confessional. It's a good presentation of the issue (it's known for the fact that the priest was also gay - this is a sub plot). The pressure that this put the priest under is interesting to see, and reflects the pressure that any person is placed under if they become aware of a sexualised relationship. The only justification for it to exist is that it is GENUINELY consensual, and you have to admit that in some cases these things do cause harm. Therefore IMHO to allow patient confidentiality to overcome 'stopping it happening', you are asking too much from the professionals; they believe that it is probably harmful - you are asking them to act contrary to that deeply held belief, whether it is flawed or not. Of course this has a downside - but sadly that is the nature of a fallen world; there are seldom easy answers.

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