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Dr-Patient confidentiality in the US

Posted by Youth?? on 2011-10-02 01:24:46, Sunday

There is something about seeing a shrink that I have a huge issue with. There are a few reasons that a shrink can break his confidentiality to his patient, one of them being suspected child abuse.

To be clear, if you ARE physically abusing a child, you get what you deserve, end of story.

But what about the brave few who enter a consentual realationship with a minor?

I know this raises a question - can minors consent to sex? I don't want this to turn into a discussion about this question - I believe - yes, they can, but there are certain angles to it.

**IN this EXAMPLE, let's say - yes, and an adult and a minor are in a consentual sexual relationsip.

The law still considers it abuse, and who can you talk to about it? You can't openly admit it on the internet, or at least it's not wise. So what the hell do you do about it? I know that some of us here have more then likley had an 'illegal' relationship before, all though please do not tell us all about it. But it's like, if you wanted to talk about it.. what do you do?

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