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The real deal

Posted by Youth?? on 2011-04-29 07:46:07, Friday
In reply to Attracted to my friends brothers... posted by Confused on 2011-04-28 16:06:50, Thursday

My favorite thing about being a boylover is something I think I share with you (just from reading your post). We tend to have much more vivid feelings than other people. They are special. I feel the same way a lot of times. In fact, I just learned that a BEAUTIFUL boy works at a local gas station that competes with another local gas station, and I used to never go there. I went there once and found out that his parents own the place and he checks me out (like, let's be buy my stuff : P ) and he's really nice. Ever since we've mad eye contact I've had no desire to go to the other store. In fact, he gave me a free mountain dew because I had bought a couple already.

I like being me because I know who I am. I feel the way you do a lot of times, and sure - it hurts, but realizing the complexity and the overall design of ourselves is wonderful. I know people who can date a girl for 4 years and be able to say two things about the person they love. You ask me about the gas station boy, and I could take up hours of your time.

We are the real deal. These aren't strange abnormal feelings, these are something special. Having a boy sit next to you, brush up against you or start being physical (i.e. wrestling) with you is just wonderful.

I also loved what you said about him being your son. I've totally been there. I'm actually there (sort of) with my younger cousin. His mom and dad just DO NOT understand how special he is. So unspoiled, well behaved ant thankful, I wish he was my son. I don't have any sexual feelings keeping that fantasy from me. I hate seeing parents with a boy so special but it's like they don't even know how special he is! I would adopt him in a heart beat if I could! We'd go camping, see movies, I'd go to ALL of his sport events. The great thing about it, is this enthusiasment doesn't fade over time.

I'm going with the theory that humans have a biological need for sex.
I mean, it makes sense. I think most of us aren't interested in women, aren't ready for men our age, but we enjoy spending time with kids/young teens, so when we haven't had that physical affection humans need - we start to focus in on what we truly like.

What your talking about with the 11 year old, is basically what a boylover is at heart.

I just had fun reading your post, and totally know what it's like, as I'm sure most of us do. : )

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