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Thank you both!

Posted by Confused on 2011-04-29 20:47:37, Friday
In reply to The real deal posted by Youth?? on 2011-04-29 07:46:07, Friday

Youth and Blackstone, I loved what you both had to say, a lot of wisdom in your comments.

Youth I'm glad you could confirm my feelings were not so odd and that you were able to relate.

Blackstone, that was very spot on observation which I had not even considered at the time, I agree with everything you said.

I do really care for this boy and every time I daydream or think about him I try to capture his smile and facial expressions in my mind because that's what makes me feel happy when I see him. I've really suprised myself that I have not thought about him sexually or envisioned him naked, all my thoughts about him have been about his beautiful face, cheeky attitude, the way he laughs, smiles and looks at me and I just try to remember those moments thinking about him.

But unfortunately as time goes past his face is fading away from my mind and I cant envision him as vividly as I did soon after our meetings. A part of me wishes I had taken at least one picture of him to savior but oh well I guess I should be grateful for the few days I spent being around him.

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