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Churches, beers and queers

Posted by herr_fish on 2010-11-07 10:14:20, Sunday

I enjoyed this article about two churches within the same locality. The writer is an atheist and it's clear with which church his sympathies lie.

I particularly liked this very human moment in which a prominent member the Catalyst Church wrestles with the implications of accepting homosexual members.

Davis doesn’t think being gay is a choice, though he still wrestles with the biblical implications. Would he marry a gay couple within his congregation if Prop. 8 were ruled unconstitutional?

“I’ve thought about this a lot,” he said. “Once I do, it becomes my issue. I don’t want it to be.”

After taking an extended sip of his beer he asked, “Do you have to publish anything on the gay issue? I know it, along with abortion, are the litmus test questions, but I fear answering because we work so hard to not run anyone out of the room by embracing one side or another.”

A comparison of the civil rights movement as the litmus test of a prior generation is offered.

“I know that my position is completely unjust and goes against everything I’ve said earlier, but I’m still wrestling with it,” he answered, staring pensively at the remaining drops of his second pint. “I know that if my daughter grows up to be a lesbian and asks me to marry her — I will do it.”


After a couple hours of conversation and several pints, Davis had a change of heart. Reaching across the table he declared, “If you are going to publish on the gay issue … I’m for them. If anyone in our society has gotten the bum end of the stick it’s that community.”

If I have quoted too extensively feel free to edit my post.

I'm quite interested to know what Christians here might think of the article if they feel the inclination to read it.

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