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Re: love makes sense

Posted by Blackstone on 2010-11-09 19:42:19, Tuesday
In reply to love makes sense posted by Robert-I on 2010-11-09 17:44:39, Tuesday

Loving the lord your God does not mean blindly accepting all the incorrect scriptural interpretations and later superstitions that have been attached to him.

I agree. Which is why the commandment is for you to love God with YOUR mind and not that of your chosen religious leader. Like I said, the intellectual discussion is what should lead to answers, not your feelings or anyone else's. That was the whole point, that the truth is to be arrived at through earnest study and should not be affected by feelings, emotions, social attitudes, etc.

Citing 'love your God' against same-sex marriage...

I have done no such thing. Actually, I am undecided on the issue and lean towards believing that homosexual relationships are not sinful and homosexual marriages can be blessed by God.

What I did was point out that your usage of the second greatest commandment in defense of homosexual relationships ignores the implications of the one commandment greater than it. Love of your neighbors is of great importance, but it is not of greater importance than loving God; obeying God's commandments is the natural result of loving God.

2. This is a very prominent social straw man. I didn't make it.

It's a straw man because it is a misrepresentation of the position of the people you were actually responding to in your post. It doesn't matter how widely held a belief it might be in other circles.

3. My loving inclinations, carrying the essence of God's own love, are completely different from my power-building and mammon-oriented inclinations. As you know.

Sure, but that doesn't change the fact that your ability and inclination to do something that may make you or others happier has nothing to do with the question of whether it is what God actually wants you to do.

I always say that the sacrifices made by care-giving same-sex partners during the AIDS crisis finally proved to the world - to all but those who were most unwilling to learn - that the love in gay relationships was of the noblest, most enlightened and most Godly form. If anyone wishes to try to blow that house down with intellectual puffing, then let him blow.

and there goes the straw man again.

No one claimed the love is not real or is any less real. It's good that you find it easy to fight that argument, but no one here has made that argument so fighting it is of no value.

Maybe I am wrong to tamper with this by coming in here with my old habit of defending my relationship and those of my respected friends...

It sounds like you lost track of what you were discussing or simply never understood what I was trying to say and what I believe Eldad was saying.

This wasn't a debate about whether homosexual relationships are sinful or not. This was a debate about whether feelings, emotions, societal views, and the desire to make people feel welcome or happy has any legitimate role in how we should view this issue. My argument, and my understanding of Eldad's argument, is that those things have no legitimate role since life isn't about trying to achieve happiness and comfort in this world.

I was not arguing against homosexual relationships. In fact, if I were forced to choose a side without having the benefit of any more research, I would currently have to side in favor of the acceptance of homosexual relationships by the church. But that's a whole different topic from what we were discussing. The point is that I would come to that conclusion based on my interpretation of God's will for our lives, not on whether it is socially expedient or leads to the least amount of strife or greatest amount of happiness.

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