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I see.

Posted by peace on 2016-10-17 19:02:16, Monday
In reply to I was abused in the past... posted by CaVi on 2016-09-12 02:45:28, Monday

> He (assistant) took me to a restroom, locked the door, and took advantage of my innocence as a child to show me his penis and convince me to show him mine.

Sounds like you agreed to it. "Childish innocence" is nothing but a social construct. I see nothing bad about this. You could as well say that he took advantage of your "innocence" to trick you into playing some video game.

> I realized the abuse led me to get turned on by little boys

You can't 'realize' this. Just because you believe it did, doesn't mean it did. The idea that people who have had sexual experiences with adults as children is not well supported scientifically.

There is no advice to give because nothing is wrong other than to research more and rationally challenge your beliefs if you are interested in doing so.

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