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Agreed; differences in interpretation; thank you

Posted by Confidential on 2016-02-18 12:56:02, Thursday
In reply to No posted by Mordecai on 2016-02-16 03:13:27, Tuesday

I agree, that the thought pattern you described is destructive. If we relayed the whole truth about our BL, then we shouldn't fear rejection from the friend we revealed to.

However, I understood the original post differently.

'if only they knew, they'd reject us'

What I think the message means is: "if only knew about my BL, they'd reject me". That doesn't imply that they would know the whole truth, nor that I would have revealed to them (eg. they might have just viewed my browsing history and made the connection themselves).

Also, if I revealed to someone and said that I was celibate, the truth of that statement would be less likely to be accepted, because even if I had abused someone, I would have probably said the same thing. That way, even when the whole truth is revealed, it may not be wholly accepted.

With only part of the truth being known and believed in, it is not guaranteed that I would be accepted. Like you said, the rest of the story might then be filled with the well-known misconceptions about BL (that it's impossible for a BLer to stop himself from abusing children etc.).

That's the reason why I said I wasn't sure if I would be accepted upon revealing myself as a BLer.

I believe that both the interpretations are correct.

I would like to thank you once again for your concern with the health of my mind. I know that this is one of the main reasons this forum exists, but it is heart-warming to hear someone sincerely trying to help.
Thank you.

God bless,

PS. It's funny that I have recently written an article, part of which was about revealing THE WHOLE TRUTH (yes, those exact same keywords) about something... I didn't choose to publish it yet, but if you contact me at my email address (confident14al@hushmail.Com), then I can send it to you. It agrees with most of what you said, but also takes it a little deeper :)

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