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sin and sinfulness

Posted by tabs on 2015-11-30 08:05:55, Monday
In reply to Tabs's opinion on homosexuality posted by Confidential on 2015-11-27 09:55:18, Friday

first it must be understood exactly what does it mean, the definition of the word sin, and sinfulness.

sin is basically infidelity with the peace in harmony with the spirit in its wholesomeness. it is a dishonesty happening within the self, the result of losing sync with the will of God. It originates within the internal dialogue as thought patterns cease from communion with the Lord, the consciousness succumbs to processing manufacture of falsehoods effectively derailing the mind or the heart from maintaining integrity of connection between the order of truth and the chaos of the lie-cycle that is the world.

Sodomy and homosexuality had a different effect on life in the community 3000 years ago. it implies a lack of respect for honoring thy mother and father. you cannot be fruitful and multiply, and you are manufacturing a false vagina, using a friends butt.
these things go against the wholesome honest truth of the nature of how things work, like gender and marriage, respecting virginity.

but you see, now, since Jesus came and died for our sins, one can be actively homosexual and just so long as he maintains the awareness of the truth exactly how babies are made, so long as he doesn't shrug off the biology behind the miracle of life he is still wholesome in fidelity with the truth of god's will. now let it be known that just because the act of homosexuality can be pardoned in christ, that doesn't automatically mean that all sorts of sick sexual dysfunctions are holy now. it is still sinful to lie and cheat or to perform sex that is void of love.

if you are a homosexual who is constantly troubled and worried that you're going to hell for your lovelife, know you have not arrived at honest with yourself, that is fidelity with god.

in the eyes of christ and of god and real true christians in direct communication with the spirit of the lord, sodomy is no different than giving a person a massage.
it's not a sin, the sin comes from what you think about during sex and how you feel about it. sex must be observed as sacred and wholesome in order for it to be so.

perhaps you cannot imagine how sodomy can be wholesome, in which case i will explain that to you if you need me to.

if you are meeting strangers off of craigslist to have casual sex with random strangers at the truck stop bathroom, this is sinful for heterosexuals as well.

but if you are giving a massage to a dear friend you've loved for years, without the bondage and whips and chains, god sees nothing wrong with what you are doing. usually he will send a clear sign, signalling your consciousness to reconnect or reharmonize in fidelity with gods will. if you look for the signs, and you see none, then yer fine.

i hope this helped.

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