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Sure you're welcome

Posted by Eldad on 2015-09-27 19:35:39, Sunday
In reply to New guy posted by I'm desperate on 2015-09-27 19:01:55, Sunday

Not everyone is blessed by appreciating boys... ;)

But yes - you're very welcome. The first step - and I use the term advisedly - is to realise that you have a problem. The fact that most churches can't begin to cope with our issues is one of the many failures of congregations these days. OTOH finding people in real life whom you can share with does make a big difference. Actually one of the strategies that some of us have found helpful is going down the 'I'm struggling with porn' route without actually making it clear quite what type that does it for us. And it's slowly dawning on the church that porn is a BIG issue in this generation...

The main lesson for me in coping is to build my other relationships. It's when I'm stuck on my own with nothing but a screen to keep my company... Whereas if I'm involved with people, then things aren't so painful. Similarly safe contact with kids can be helpful - though it can open doors to things that may not be so wise; establishing clear rules in your mind about what your barriers are. Certainly avoiding time with ONE other is wise.

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