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A good post - one concern

Posted by Cat on 2015-09-09 20:15:51, Wednesday
In reply to Is it sinful for us to have YFs? posted by Eldad on 2015-08-03 03:49:54, Monday

Hey Eldad,

I like the content of your post here. I think you've made some important points about keeping things in balance and the dangers to watch out for. Thanks for that :D

I'm concerned on the issue of honesty. Is it dishonest to hide from someone that you are sexualy attracted to them? I'm inclined to think it's actually appropriate.

As human beings we have many feelings and desires, some helpfult to relationships and some not so. We feel these things and then we choose how to act. I think it is our actions that count. For instance, if I'm annoyed and I think about it and realise that I'm just tired or being unreasonable, I may choose not to express my annoyance. This is not dishonest, this is being discerning.
If my sexual attraction is causing a problem that needs to be addressed, then I may need to raise some aspect of it to deal with that. But if it's just an internal issue and not determining my actions, then it's no one's business but mine and God's I think. Why unnecessarily complicate things.
Straight men don't talk to the women they interact with about how attracted to them they are (in fact it would be socially inappropriate to do so). Why should we be stricter on ourselves?



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