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Interesting post

Posted by Eldad on 2015-09-05 20:34:52, Saturday
In reply to A cure for pedophilia posted by Confidential on 2015-09-04 19:32:54, Friday

And very impressive for a 17yo. You seem to be making a good fist of arguing your case, so I'll leave you to it for now. I hope his questions will make you think - it's always good to have to think deeply about why you are concluding something, especially when you want to make it a totally biblical argument!

I am curious to ask what sexual attraction you do still have. Given that almost everyone has some attraction to somebody, does the fact that you've stopped being attracted to children mean you are still attracted to people of your own age? Or what? If you think there's no attraction at all at the moment, then I'd be worried about that; it's likely to come and hit you at some point in the future. CS Lewis in the Screwtape Letters hints at this a bit; he mentions that God blocks temptations in this area for a bit - but then lets them come back again. Have you read Screwtape? Superb stuff.

Anyway - welcome to the board. I hope you find us engaging and constructive. It's been pretty quiet here for quite a bit, so that's why it makes sense to let those whose views might make you uncomfortable to keep expressing them. I hope you don't find them a problem.

God bless - and thanks for being so open about your experience.

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