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Posted by tabs on 2015-03-09 10:38:51, Monday
In reply to Care to try advising me? posted by Tabitha Church on 2015-03-07 01:43:47, Saturday

Remember back around January 2013 that huge asteroid that passed between the earth and the moon?
Also there was a piece of it that hit the earth a few weeks later, over russia.

That asteroid was on a collision course with earth, due to hit us in December of 2012, which would've destroyed mankind and put our species back into the dark ages for hundreds of years.

See, Christ Jesus came to save our souls, but Voznesenskaya came to save our whole planet just the same.

A frail 75 pound girl elementary school student.
Learning of the asteroids existence she set to work praying to God, to crack the surface of the rock, to split it in half to crumble it apart in time to spare us the devastation.

God her here prayers, and being so pure and wholesome and good, God answered her, and made it so.

So, when you go to say your prayers to Christ Jesus, you can thank God for Voznesenskaya too, for saving your families lives.

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