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Care to try advising me?

Posted by Tabitha Church on 2015-03-07 01:43:47, Saturday

Considering penning a new masterpiece theophany, however reluctant I can't stop what's coming, can't stop what is on its way.

A new mythology, of religious nature that is essentially Christian, derived of the Holy spirit, inspired by.

Heretical but less kooky than Mormonism.

The problem troubling me though is I feel uncertain whether or not the work be most truly of light, or worry perhaps it might possibly be an abomination. In fact, I'm counting on it!
Of course many will see it as an abomination, amongst all liars it shall be so indubitably.
I wonder if Joseph Smith ever questioned his illumination might be blasphemy.

I know the transmission is authentic because I received with it immediately a new language which is clearly beyond my own devising. It is beyond my comprehension how it even came to be written down at all, by me, a high school drop out.
So simple it astounds me no one has derived such communication before me, or, perhaps they have... some of the shapes of the letters are similar to other languages, likely it all comes from the same place. Metatron. Thoth.

The entire language, of letters and hieroglyphs, centered about the shapes of the body of man, particularly the reproductive organs, and gestures most commonly made by the human hand.

The book includes details the life and history of 7 angelic beings in service to man, abiding to the order of the one true most high almighty lord god of the universe, called Jehova. Governed over by the priesthood of Melchizedek, of the House of David, of the prophecies fulfilled from Christ Jesus.
They appear to us in the world as little girls. Imagine 7 Mary Magdalenes walking about inhabiting a new Jerusalem, that actually does exist somewhere in the world, perfectly hidden away from influence by all the usual sources of terrorist forces.

These beings are empowered to intercede in human history, at a total of 7 difference positions across the surface of the globe, simultaneously at any given moment in time throughout all human history.
They have the power of miraculous ability for duplicating the shapes of any conceivable thought patterns orchestrated by our own neural network of braincells in mankind.

Satan has the exact same power only limited to exploiting our desires.
Angels tend to utilize the sharing of joy of love, rather than fulfillment of desire, as means to overriding the wills of men. To satisfy the infallibility of divinity thru eternities, it must be so.

So, as the myths unfold, these little girls are set in charge of informing the world of all the things it works so hard to ignore and neglect.
Like, I've heard that it's good to look before you cross.
And I've heard that it's good to bathe yourself once a week.

It's good to remember things like, how to co-exist in harmony without reliance upon the cell phone, and the auto fuel, and the tyranny of lies completely surrounding & encompassing through every aspect of human life these days. To such a point that people do not even understand what gender they are because they have no idea what gender even means.

Well, I'm here to tell ya!
Gender is good, and beautiful, and right, abiding in obeisance with the order, that is whole, and not broken. Male and female created he them, there are only two. One is a killer, the other a soft all-giving benificent merciful unconditionally loving giver of eternal life.

Read your bible, you'll see, especially in the old testament and the Quran, massacre of innocents, jihad. In ancient times, women were not trusted to read or vote or think, therefore progress took so long!
Read the bible you'll find the preponderance of liars and evil wrought in the world comes directly from testosterone.

the writting of this book will be a dangerous feat for me.
Aleister Crowley once said, the hardest thing anybody can attempt to do is set forth the truth in publication.
Tabs has got the skills though! I think I'm qualified.

Join the cult, before it's too late!

Am I going to hell for distorting Christianity?

These angelic little girls have much to teach us about family unity.
Including sex, and topics revolving around the subject of pedophilia.

Imagine if the angels, or satan, could manipulate the shapes of human thought patterns in such a way to control a human brain just long enough to perform the rape and murder a child.

Someone should write a story, depicting a new mythology for the future, encrypting the tales with a new form of age old common sense, so the message might reenter the collective narrative for human culture to immunize against the promotion of lies.
Oh nevermind, I'll just take care of it all by myself.

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