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Posted by Kent on 2014-12-17 16:00:41, Wednesday
In reply to Options posted by Eldad on 2014-12-17 12:14:07, Wednesday

Why do you think pastors preach against it? As a some attempt to piss off homosexuals? Lol. Just cause a pastor says something you dislike doesn't mean they're "messed up". I know not all pastors are even pastors and some of them just see church as a perfect place to target others and gain control. But saved Pastors do what God expects them to do. I'm sure pastors aren't saying gay is a sin just to lose homosexual church goers. I think the message is don't screw someone you don't love , ready for, or even know. Sex joins the two doing it. I guess that why teenagers feel so grown up doing it and sex change someone emotionally and mentally. We live in a perverted society where sex sells and next children will be caught in mess this sex obsessed society. First it the teenagers soon it be toddlers. Who knows. What is wrong with marriage? God doesn't hate marriage just the screwing strangers part. What do you mean a "group"? Adults or kids? Sounds like every pedophiles' dream. I seriously concerned to know why some parents thinks 1 non related adult and multiple kids sleeping in one home is even a good idea. Don't y'all bl do anything else than children related? I think the reason why y'all hang around kids is because that is the happiness source you have. I'm just trying to figure y'all out.

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