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I do understand, sorry.

Posted by Freddie Maxwell on 2014-11-15 10:48:21, Saturday
In reply to what is it? posted by tabs on 2014-11-15 09:35:42, Saturday

I'm not clicking that. I understand, there are a lot of websites that take you to places where you don't want to go. I have had to completely restore computers back to factory settings before for clicking on the wrong site. The link I posted in my original post didn't work, so I Pasted it in the2nd msg.

The link takes you to a imgsrc webpage that contains the information below.

User info: The reason I created this account is to share my genuine love for boys. When I say Genuine love, I'm talking about the love a father might have for his son. Sexual abuse and molestation is not love. and those who commit such acts are subhuman and do not deserve to live. If you feel the same way about this. I would love to chat with you about boys and what boys mean to you and share some stories about the positive influence we have been in a boy’s life. I have been a mentor a nurturer and above all, I have had some wonderful friendships with lots of boys throughout my life, one of which I have known for over 20 years. I call him my son and have been a Dad to him since the age of 10. I like this site and love some of the great photos I find here, but the thing I find quite disturbing is some of the comments that get posted along side of an innocent photo of some boy. There are some very sick individuals that post some of the most vile/disgusting comments of perverted things they would like to do to the boys they see in photo albums. I do not understand how someone could take advantage of an innocent child that looks up us adults for guidance. I find there is no greater reward than to help a fatherless boy on their journey in life by being a positive influence and a mentor and above all a true friend. If you have a similar story to share please feel free to contact me at the email address posted above. I’m not interested in trading anything (ANY INAPPROPRIATE-PORNOGRAPHIC OR ILLEGAL MATERIALS RECEIVED WILL BE FORWARDED TO THE PROPER AUTHORITIES)

That's it. I'm just trying to find a friend or two to share my love for boys from a Christian point of view. Thank You...Freddie

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