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imgsrc and Child Porn

Posted by Freddie Maxwell on 2014-11-22 21:18:57, Saturday
In reply to ok i clicked it now posted by tabs on 2014-11-19 10:01:26, Wednesday

I certainly agree with all you have said. That site was once a very nice source of great boy photos, but has took a bad turn with all the filth that goes on there.

I have been there since 2007, posting similar albums like the ones I have now. I have met lots of real nice sincere cyber friends from there.

I have heard rumors that the LEA/FBI has infiltrated the web host and now it seems as soon as someone posts something illegal it gets removed immediately. I think it's more or less a LEA playground to catch these predators like sitting ducks. There are a lot of real stupid idiots that are playing right into the hands of the law, but this is a good thing.

I have nothing to hide, but at the same time I might be stupid for looking for friends over there. Maybe I need to be here. I tried to regester here a couple weeks ago, but have not got any response. So maybe my post was not acceptable, I don't know.

I want to be a crusader and stand up for whats right and I would and have done anything in my power to help each and every boy that has come into my life.

Do all my thoughts in my head line up with Gods Word? Certainly not, but thoughts are just that thoughts. It's what we do about them is what counts. God has truly blessed and entrusted me with all the boys He has placed in my path.

I prayed for a Son, God gave me that Son, he never told me that he would be 10 years old when I got him.

Sometimes we pray for something and God answers our prayer, but not quite the way we had planed for it to be.

So that's bits of my story. I just love to share these things with others who can understand and give support in this crazy world of Boylove.

God has promised me that he would fill this need, but so far I have come up empty handed and it's a pretty lonely cross to bear.

There has never been a question that I would of ever will cause harm to a boy such as molesting them. I already proved that to him in the past 23 years that I have served him and the 33 years before I have known Jesus, I believe he was preparing me to serve him and even when I was a heathen, He kept me from doing the unthinkable. I guess I always loved and respected boys to much to let my lusts and desires take over my actions...

So I wonder if there is anyone out here who might like to have me onboard?

If you got this far in this message. Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings and giving me the chance to tell my story.

I will close now and pray Jesus blessings to all that have read this....


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