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Moving on and not moving on

Posted by marc on 2014-02-11 23:42:32, Tuesday
In reply to Mostly you need to move on posted by eldad on 2014-02-11 20:20:38, Tuesday

I plan on living my life the best I can without him because I know it was what he wanted. However, I cannot ever give up on someone so amazing, so good.

Yes most poeple like the hang out with people their age, but I don't. And I've known quite a few people who hang out with people 5 years or more older than them. It really depends on what they are looking for.

I'm glad to hear that the spark will still be there.

I want to know that I love this person after he is no longer a boy, after I am no longer physically attracted to him. I want to find out if my feelings are only skin deep. I don't think they are.

I will still offer my kindness and friendship to people but I will only love him in that way.

This is reasonable yes?

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