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Re: Reasons for the change of statement

Posted by Anonymous for now on 2013-08-18 09:23:50, Sunday
In reply to Reasons for the change of statement posted by Eldad on 2013-08-17 11:41:55, Saturday

To address your points individually:

1) To provide a resource that more conservative Christians can be pointed to without hesitation.

Conservative Christians can already be pointed to this forum without hesitation. They simply have to be aware that it is interdenominational/ecumenical.

What you seem to be implying isn't so much that a place should exist where conservative Christian BLs can go to be in community with other believers, but rather that there should be a place where conservative Christian BLs can go and be with other conservative Christian BLs. If that's a position you really feel strongly about then maybe you need to start a conservative BL forum. What I hope you won't do is steal our forum in order to turn it into the conservative BL forum you wish existed.

We need to hold these verses together in the very real tension that they bring; we need to be out in the world, but if we aren't continually being reminded of the truths that God has revealed to us, we will drift away.

The problem with this statement is that, while you claim that we should always keep in mind the truths God has revealed to us, what you are actually proposing is that only the truths revealed to YOU are the ones we should keep in mind. In other words, you are choosing the truths you feel God has revealed to YOU as being the absolute truth. If God revealed something different to someone else...tough luck because he revealed to YOU that sex outside of certain heterosexual relationships is sinful. So, you aren't really saying that we should always be reminded of the truths God has revealed to us, you are saying we should be reminded of the truths God has revealed to you.

...He's absorbed those beliefs from the media - and has heard little in the church to deny them, with the result that when the temptation first emerged, he drifted into succumbing...

The point of this anecdote seems to be to stress the importance of ensuring that churches fulfill their duty and stand up for the truth. I don't disagreee with you on this, but this forum is not a church.

Being a Christian should mean something specific; too often the label is claimed by people whose endorsement of anything which the NT writers would recognise as Christian is negligible.

The NT writers didn't have bibles and the concept of a faith based on writings (that the vast majority of people were not equipped to read) would have been bizarre to them. They also had no concept of the trinity, since that concept took about 300 years to be developed. Even the concepts of original sin and Christ's substitutionary atonement would have been unknown to the NT writers since this wasn't developed until Anselm of Canterbury some 1100+ years after the NT writers had died.

If you make no room for theological advances through the ages, even ones that may take thousands of years, then you really need to throw out the majority of what you currently consider essential beliefs. All of the points of Calvinism along with the concept of the trinity, the infallibility of scripture, substitutionary atonement, and many other things you currently believe took hundreds and sometimes thousands of years to develop. The fact is there is no modern Christian sect that the NT writers would have recognized.

It's easy to settle for being nice and never present the truth that we've heard from God on hard stuff - but to do so is, ultimately, not to be loving; it is to fail to be the watchman who warns the repentant of their state before God, and the result is that their blood is on our heads

I don't disagree with you. However, the responsibility for doing this does not lie with the people running the venue in which discussions occur. If this were a coffee shop, the responsibility wouldn't be on the coffee shop owner to ensure that anyone who participates in discussions in his shop must first be told "the truth". The responsibility lies in the individuals doing the discussion and on the churches teaching these believers.

And in a wider context I also feel that because CJAT provides a home for those of more tolerant disposition, we have space to adopt an alternative approach.

This was previously covered but desserves to be re-stated. CJAT is not a forum for Christian BLs, it is a church. This forum is the only Christian BL forum and it would seem it is about to expell all non-fundamentalist Christians, leaving us with no place to go.

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