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thank you

Posted by gaakz on 2013-03-13 07:46:12, Wednesday
In reply to Just Another Another BL posted by Sam Wolf on 2013-03-12 23:46:41, Tuesday

the first part of your story really resonated with me: i was convicted of a felony at age 14 for fooling around with my younger siblings. i didnt serve time [save a stint at juvenile detention] but being a registered sex offender has really screwed up my life on so many levels i cant even start to say. recently i found out the court-appointed lawyer who 'defended me' actually got disbarred not too long ago for malpractice. the criminal justice system is really f-ed up.

you lost me on the second part of your post though. i'm just not sure there's any way to really protect ourselves if we're out there on the www looking at things society will condemn us for. in my view the only solution is to stay away from such sites. the law is, after all, written by humans.

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