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Live a life of deceit?

Posted by Tabernacle on 2013-03-05 01:26:59, Tuesday

Does God want us to live a life of deceitfulness?
Self-deception. Pretending you can bottle up your thoughts, lying to others, no I'm not attracted to kids. Meanwhile, that is all you think about.

Is that what Jesus called us to do? Is that why he died for our sins?
So we can cower in hiding and lie to the world?
Lie to our own selves about who we are?

Keep secretive and private, and be afraid, live in fear because God made children attractive?

Huddling in fear only exacerbates danger to ourselves and to children.
You don't want to endanger children, do you?
You do believe in Jesus, don't you?

Then you'll see, campaign of fear is of the devil, and Anon Hackers, and anti-pedophiles.

In fact that is the best way to spot an anti-pedophile, they'll expect you to be afraid of being attracted by kids.
Don't be. There's nothing wrong with it.

There is something wrong with being a liar though, like the decoys who pretend to be pedophiles in order to scare you or bust you or confuse you or hurt you.

The only way to solve these problems is honesty, it's always been that way, and in 2013 the mountain of lies built over the past 10 years by haters and anti-ped groups is coming to an end.
Under my leadership if no one else is ready to man up.

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