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Re: Wonderful post - thank you

Posted by The Weeping Prophet on 2012-09-09 04:14:29, Sunday
In reply to Wonderful post - thank you posted by Eldad on 2012-09-07 17:32:38, Friday

"Given that at 14 we are sexually aware, there's every reason to think that he may be sexually attracted to you." I have toyed with that fantasy/possibility before. Honestly, I hope he doesn't. Not because I wouldn't be flattered by the prospect, but because I don't want another element of temptation to creep up in this relationship. Though sometimes I wonder... the other day I was asking him about an injury he received and will have to take a break from sports for a while. When I told him he needed to get better soon, he responded, "Ok just for you." Then more recently when I was following up with him and the doctor's report, even though I had just seen him an hour before, he goes, "You just couldn't get enough of me, huh?" I laughed it off because I think he's just goofing around. I don't think he realizes he's got me pegged.

"Have you had such a YF type relationship in the past? It's the most wonderful thing!" I have, and even some who have grown up and out of my age of attraction, I continue to care for and stay in contact with. In that sense the relationship, which started out because of my sexual attraction, shifted into a more peer relationship w/o the attraction but the emotional connection nonetheless.

Though I am reluctant to adopt the term "YF" only because of my role in the church. I know God is calling me to minister to all kids, regardless of my relationship with them, and selecting one as more special than others because of his looks, the random placement of genetic code, seems kind of silly. I do it anyway, though, so I am guilty regardless. ;)

"As Christians we need to realise that we are the children of God." Amen to that. I am a child of God before I identify with a sexuality, be it straight, gay, boylover, or whatever.

Appreciate your thoughts and wisdom, Eldad.

To God Alone be the Glory,

The Weeping Prophet

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