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a personal message to TheAnonOne

Posted by Kristofor on 2012-07-16 19:01:07, Monday
In reply to Our persecutor TheAnonOne - what does God tell him posted by Kristofor on 2012-07-16 04:43:37, Monday

I use the opportunity of this website being 'tango down' to post you a message in a relatively quiet environment.

Though you are still full of energy to smack dem pedos down, you must by now be wondering why you have made so many ridiculous errors in your OpPedoChat, and lost the trust of most other Anonymous members (who no one believes are Vlaams Belang members, lol - that's just silly).

The reason is very simple. You have become the first Anonymous member ever to target Christian sites that are in good standing with God the Creator.

We have always agreed that the Catholic priests and the Jehovah's Witnesses who abused children should be prosecuted.

What you don't understand is that this website is the stronghold of people who have sexual orientations oriented to kids, but have a culture of learning how to control those urges so that no harm is done. That is what you're trying to eliminate. And God will not let you do that.

Let me tell you something that will seem very strange but will make sense of something that can't be explained otherwise.

You say you have an IQ over 170, so how was it that you failed to:

1. Notice that the names in d0x1 had too many women, too many real name emails and couldn't possibly have been from a list of pedophiles.

2. notice the photo watermarks, links, text contents and human physical characteristics that would tell you that half the sites you initially listed as targets were gay sites with no underage content. You even singled out one watermarked photo from a longstanding legal porn site as your best example of child pornography. You know you're not normally that oblivious.

3. Notice that the 16-year-old boy who asked you for tips about which sites to lazor actually mentioned, right in that same tweet, that he was at school using the school wireless. And yet you gave him the green light to illegal actions with no question. Just completely missed any potential problems there.

The reason these things happen is because God is able to DDOS your 170 IQ flat for critical milliseconds, so that things that would ordinarily be obvious to you completely escape your mind.

This will keep on happening to you until you stop persecuting Christians.

And worse will happen as well.

I am only a messenger. But this is the truth. As God is my witness.

Expect Him.

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