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Our persecutor TheAnonOne - what does God tell him

Posted by Kristofor on 2012-07-16 04:43:37, Monday was running a little slow for awhile, and the reason was revealed on a cyberterror network known as Twitter.

"V ‏@TheAnon0ne

‪#TangoDown‬! My server is smacking , , & | ‪#OpPedoChat‬ ‪#Anonymous‬ ‪#ExpectUs"

Hacker TheAnonOne undertook to train his illegal denial-of-service software on two Christian sites and one general BL site in order to ensure that no conversation, prayer or worship could occur there.

His efforts had little effect - perhaps the Lord was deflecting some of the pings - but no doubt he will try again. Persecutors of Christians are often doggedly persistent, as we know from history and (in Muslim countries) from modern times.

He's in grave spiritual danger, and may be in the process of fatally wounding his spirit. Fellow Christians, other friends, let's do what he abhors and have a chat. What scriptures would you recommend he pay attention to?

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