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Posted by Dog on 2012-07-12 02:25:29, Thursday


I'm not Christian, but I'm a BL. I read the FAQ, so I think it's OK to post here. I usually try to avoid the topic of religion, but if it comes up and I'm involved in the conversation, I promise that I will respond with the utmost respect. Being non-religious, I cannot refute something in which I do not subscribe, so don't worry.. I wont bite. I have to say though, after reading the posts here, I find this board is a breath of fresh air.

So I'm attracted to boys usually around 8 - 13, and I wish I wasn't. I think it sucks to have to put up a front all the time about my true desires. I wish I could be completely honest with people, but no.. this will never be because I will never EVER tell anyone about my secret.

I absolutely love being involved with boys, and I find that having a girlfriend makes it easier to do so than when I was single. There's another thing.. my girlfriend, I really like her and I am attracted to her personality (if that makes sense). That's why I was persistent about getting involved with her. However, I'm not attracted to her the way I'm attracted to boys. I feel badly sometimes that I'm lying, or not being honest to her, but this is what I have to do to maintain my personal and professional report. I wish it didn't hurt so much.

I'm going to stop writing like this though. I'm an optimist. I try to always keep positive because I don't see the point in being a pessimist. I guess you could say that there's a lot that I want to get off my chest because the only outlet where I can do this, regarding BL, sadly is on the internet. At least I have that, though.

I'm an outdoorsman. Being outdoors and doing things outdoors makes me kind of forget about the aforementioned pressures. Because the landscape is so beautiful and also because I find boys so beautiful, I do believe in God. That's as far as my religious speak will extend..for now.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi. Feel free to tell me to buzz off, and I will. I really hope to speak forwardly and honestly with some of you.

Thanks for reading,


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