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Re: on girlfriends..

Posted by Dog on 2012-07-13 05:00:30, Friday
In reply to on girlfriends.. posted by marc on 2012-07-12 04:29:40, Thursday

What you wrote about thinking about people as someone's child, I actually thought about this many times before. Everyone we meet, whether it be a colleague, stranger, homeless or insurgent, at one point most likely had a mother or father who 'loved' or cared for them enough to ensure their survival.

I love my girlfriend. Not only is she cute, she's intelligent, funny, not afraid to tell it like it is or roll up her sleeves and get dirty, she's practical, incredibly caring, and she challenges me. I feel badly that I'm not attracted to her the way I am to boys, but I really do love her. I'm certain that this feeling is reciprocal for us. When she's happy, I'm usually happy and when she's sad, I'm usually sad. I would be devastated if anything bad happened to her right now. Our 'emotional investment' in one another is reciprocal. That's why I don't necessarily feel like I'm using her to further my ends, and I would certainly never hurt her, ever. We just happen to get along very very well. That's why I'm never telling anyone IRL about my true attractions. I would never want to mess that up.. I feel that just writing here is putting that at risk, even though I have security measures in place. I have to get this stuff off my chest though.

I come to this board to learn from others about what their dealing with regarding being a BL, and how they cope. I actually know very little about Catholicism, so it's an added bonus that I'm learning a little bit about that too.

I think love and morals are subjective, Marc. I appreciate your candor.


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