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Re: are all kids ungrateful pricks?

Posted by marc on 2012-06-18 06:37:14, Monday
In reply to Re: are all kids ungrateful pricks? posted by Cat on 2012-06-18 04:19:05, Monday

this is a common theme for pedos and parents alike...children are ungrateful *expletives. why put all the energy, the love, the money into children? i mean really what is the point other than our brains foolishly telling us to do it because it will be so great!..until it's not.

what am i missing here? i mean i gotta be missing something MAJOR right since there are so many parents out there who put up with a lot of shit. so far the only 'solution' ive found is not giving a fuck. i find the boys i dont give a fuck about are the nicest in the end because they are still chasing ur attention...whereas the ones you've showered with kindness just get bored and move on when it suits them.

investing in children, financially, emotionally, with one's sweat and tears is like investing in Bernie Madoff.

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