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Posted by Kristofor on 2012-05-18 15:16:58, Friday
In reply to Re: girl love posted by starLuver on 2012-05-18 04:18:14, Friday

A great deal of experimentation with gay men's minds, courtesy of the 'ex-gay' movement since the late 1970's, shows that this opinion is not substantiated. See the book 'Ex-gays - there are none' by Rev. Sylvia Pennington.

Sexual orientation is not an opinion, habit or whimsy but rather a differentiated neurological imprint. It is part of your body as much as it's part of your mind. It may have aspects you are slow to discover, but you are not free to play with it and reset it at will - not even if you work, concentrate, focus, pray or (as people do) castigate yourself for being weak-minded.

What this philosophy ultimately does, over and over, is to cause unrealistically hopeful non-hetero men to make promises to women that they can't keep. It is thus a source of unholy discord.

Evidence has to be taken into consideration when opinions are being formed.

Christ does not tell us to change our sexual orientations. This eye does not offend its bearer or anyone else, unless it is misused.

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