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Posted by marc on 2012-02-28 05:35:33, Tuesday

i havent been like this for years...

i think im slowly falling for this boy. he's so damn beautiful, physically, and his personality and mine get along quite well. i keep trying to tell myself, the more i get into this. the more it will go wrong later when inevitably something ruins it.

crazy brains we pedos have...the way it makes us look at these boys in a way most of the population are completely oblivious to.

im trying really hard to not get so obsessive, to have it remain easy to go down that path and start thinking every second about what he said and what he did and what does it really mean and all that insecurity crap...i keep telling myself: ok ive made mistakes in the past but now i know what not to do so i wont do it this time, like being overly obsessive.

well this was a bunch of incoherent garbage but this is the only place that i can share the beauty of this boy with people who have some understanding of what im talking about.

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