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Re: A Friend Asked Me This...

Posted by LeX on 2012-01-31 14:59:26, Tuesday
In reply to A Friend Asked Me This... posted by Youth?? on 2012-01-26 11:18:53, Thursday

I know someone who, around 13-14-15, was quite active sexually with older men. Although he accepts these relationships (and one lasted several years) were good at the time, he has now become heterosexual and thinks of his past as something of an embarrassment; although he is still in touch with his former AF, their friendship is somewhat distant.

Even if everything is as your friend relates, there are two big problems. One is that everything could fall apart suddenly in the event of a row, and the YF could report him in a fit of anger.

The second is that, even if everything seems good within the relationship, it only takes someone outside to twig, or even suspect, what is happening and all hell will break loose. This will mean, not only your friend being investigated by the police and social services, but his YF also - interrogating an alleged "victim" until he confesses is by no means unknown.

The required secrecy can be very hard work; it only needs a chance remark to be overheard for someone to put two and two together. It is, I feel, unfair to impose that sort of restriction on a young person who may feel very excited about it.

In short, however unfair and absurd the law may be, in the current climate it is by far better to keep within it, for the safety of all concerned.


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