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A Friend Asked Me This...

Posted by Youth?? on 2012-01-26 11:18:53, Thursday

So, I have a friend very close to me now who is a BL and we sit down in a distant booth in a restraunt on day and he says

"Youth, I'm in love. In love with a boy, if you couldn't guess. He's 13 and the most amazing person I've ever met. I'm interested in him, and I know for a fact he's interested in me. Should I go for it? I mean, outside of the obvious legal issues - do I really need to stop and observe this? Should I really pause and question my sexuality - simply because it's physical incarnation is illegal? It's a CONSENTUAL relationship, and he's not an idiot, I've explained to him several times how serious sex is. Informed, consentual sex, do I really have to put my sexuality on hold every time this happens?"

First, I caught him on 'every time this happens' because it sounded like it happened a lot, turns out he hasn't been sexually active since high school (almost 10 years). So either that's true, or he lying but I could twist and turn the details.

But honestly, I didn't know what to tell him. I obviously don't want to encourage illegal activity due to our kind being up shit creek as it is, but could I really advise him against it *if* everything he says is true? When I was a boy a yearned for a man who understood the way I feel and would have consented without a doubt. And also, lets not play stupid - children - (this term is very subjective, but I'm going between the ages of 11-17 year old that are considered children) are sexual creatures, and thus, can seek out sexual partners of their choice, even adults. It happens every day. I told him the choice had to be his, because obviously there's no real right answer, on one hand, he tells the truth they have sex, and they live a wonderful life together. The other hand, something goes wrong and he's locked up for the rest of his life.

What would you have said - if anything?

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