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Purpose Driven Life: Day 4

Posted by Blackstone on 2011-05-24 00:45:51, Tuesday

This post is part of our "Purpose Driven Life" book study, the first official Christian Boylove Forum book study. You should have read the first four chapters of The Purpose Driven Life before participating in the discussions on this thread. If you do not own the book, you can read the first few chapters for free here:
If you are starting late, you are encouraged to read only one chapter per day. Since there are several days in between our studies, you will be caught up with the study in time to discuss the next chapter with us.

As mentioned in the previous chapter and expounded upon in this one, there are eternal consequences to everything we do. This is a fairly profound statement. The things we do on this Earth do not end on this Earth. God says we should store up our treasure in heaven where moths or rust cannot destroy it and no thief can break in to steal it (Matthew 6:20). The actions we take have eternal consequences.

This reminds me of a YF I once had whose father died while he was still a baby. I imagined a scenario where I would one day get to heaven and run into an unknown but oddly familiar man who would hug me and tell me "thank you for taking care of my son while I was away". When my YF and I spoke of heaven, we came to an agreement that his dad and I would probably be great friends. I believe that this is the kind of treasure God wants us to store up in heaven. If this life is just preparation for heaven, then the time we have here is, among other things, our chance to forge relationships with all of our future neighbors in heaven, both those living and as in the case of my YFs father, those we never even met.

Another interesting thing discussed in this chapter was what life in heaven would be like. Rick Warren's interpretation is that in heaven we will be assigned work that we enjoy doing. What would that be? Will we BLs be charged with caring for the children in heaven? Will our job be to nurture young boys?

I believe we will still be boylovers in heaven. But no longer will be living in an environment that ostracizes and demonizes us. No longer will we be looked down on and persecuted. We will be accepted and indeed appreciated for the important role we fill.

to participate actively in the book study, feel free to respond to this post or to any of the questions Cat or anyone else posts below. You don't necessarily need to respond to what is written on this post, you may prefer instead to talk about the parts of the chapter that spoke to you even if it wasn't something mentioned on this post. You may also pose your own discussion questions.

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