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More about these boys..

Posted by . on 2011-05-28 20:38:32, Saturday
In reply to According to the Quran there will be boys.. posted by . on 2011-05-28 20:17:20, Saturday

I would also like to make an important point, these supposed boys in Heaven who have been listed as pure, youthful servant boys are named in the Quran as having existed as humans...

So my interpretation is that these will be boys who died on earth during child birth or in the womb or during infant stage before they became exposed to the sins of this earth. If every living being has a place in the after life it would make sense that human infants that died very early would belong in heaven as they have passed away before being exposed to any corruption in life.

Whilst we would get to fulfill our hearts desires in Heaven it would make sense that any child that passed away may have a different purpose in Heaven to suit Gods plan as these children may not have much else in terms of wishing for earthful desires they want fulfilled as they have not had a chance to experience any of it?

There is also mention that these children...

"They will advance to each other, drawing near, engaging in mutual enquiry. They will say: 'We used to be afraid (of the punishment) in the midst of our families, but the Creator has been good to us, and has delivered us from the torment of the Scorching Wind and Breath of Fire.'"

Some have interpreted this as these children being potential homosexuals or pedophiles that may have become suppressed by their homosexual urges for fear of their familie.' wrath, but now they are out of the closest.

Even if you guys don't believe any of this, I thought it would make an interesting read or discussion.

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