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not a bad friend

Posted by Cat on 2011-05-23 03:34:11, Monday
In reply to Am I a bad friend for pushing away my YF? posted by . on 2011-05-21 09:01:44, Saturday

Hello Brother,

I don't think you are a bad friend at all for withdrawing.

We all have to survive emotionally.

There is always an emotional cost of being in love with a boy.

Some of us can manage to pay that cost and still be with our yfs... for others it's overwhelming and unmanageable.

For me I set my self a goal to have no agendas with my YF... to just let the friendship be what it is and to accept that.

Of course I wish we were closer... even quite apart from anything sexual... I just wish he loved me as intensely as I love him. But he won't... ever... and I am willing to suffer that to enjoy what we do have.

The way I figure it... it's going to hurt me either way... I'd rather be in pain and WITH him as a friend than be in pain WITHOUT him.

Godbless you as you decide what to do.


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