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Re: Am I a bad friend for pushing away my YF?

Posted by gaakz on 2011-05-21 10:43:18, Saturday
In reply to Am I a bad friend for pushing away my YF? posted by . on 2011-05-21 09:01:44, Saturday

im not sure what you want from this relationship besides a 'basic friendship'. i mean, he wants to sleep over with you! in 3 years with my YF i got one whole hug...

i understand how it hurts tho. i went through the same thing, being all tangled up wishing he could understand how much i loved him, and especially the 'glass cage' thing. yeah, it's hard, [especially when they're really cute] but how much do you value his presence, what he CAN give you? my YF wasn't very affectionate, or open about his emotions, but for me just to be near him, to hear him talk [and sing :) ], to play with him, listen to music, help him with homework, etc was amazing.

but i guess you have to decide if spending time with him satisfies you enough to keep hanging out.

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