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Re: porn problem

Posted by newgeorge on 2011-05-17 00:28:48, Tuesday
In reply to Re: porn problem posted by Cat on 2011-05-16 06:58:14, Monday

Its a good post from Cat.
So far as I can see, it takes other people to help you out of porn - as with any addiction. If there arent other people in your life then it is impossible. The problem is horrendously circular - as with all addictions - because the porn keeps you from others so that, even if there ARE people who are trying to be in your life they wont be able to reach you because of the porn.
I dont think its possible, or wise, to try to block it altogether. It can only happen as a weaning process and gradually - unless it happens through violence and you get caught and imprisoned - which awful thought might actually help when it gets really bad.
if there IS noone in your life you have to go look for someone. Old friends, family, relations, a local club, a hobby where you can meet people, a church?
- which takes me onto the spiritual side of things.
The only thing that has saved me (and its an ongoing battle) is the sure knowledge that there IS only one thing which is more beautiful to me than boys and that is God Himself. The nature of that beauty is not possible to discuss except with people who have glimpsed it in some way in their lives and for each person that is totally different. I dont know you at all so there's no point me saying anything else on this. If there is anything more beautiful to you in your life than the boys in the photos: seek it out; quest for it; thirst for it and stop locking yourself away and go out and look for it.
There is a strange safety in photos. No risk, just you and the puter. But it is a totally false safety and is leading you gradually into crime and darkness. To be really safe you have to start taking risks: going out there and meeting people.
It takes a lot of determination but once you have gone out and allow yourself to get involved with the real world then things will start to happen which will gradually take you away from the boys in the photos.
As I said, I fight with this on a daily basis so I know where you are at.
This post might be totally useless for you. I often do that with posts. Either way all the very best to you and perhaps you will let us know how you go. . . . .

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