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Re: porn problem

Posted by Cat on 2011-05-16 06:58:14, Monday
In reply to porn problem posted by Anon on 2011-05-16 03:42:49, Monday

First of all my deepest sympathy for you brother... this is a tough struggle for a BL since it has legal consequences as well as moral ones.

Here are some of my thoughts on the subject.

1. You can't escape the technology and you can always find ways around the blocks so your success in this area needs to be internal to a very large degree.

2. Recognise that a large part of the "thrill" that keeps people going back to porn is the adrenaline rush it gives because it's naughty or dangerous. So in fact it could well be adrenaline rather than porn per se you are addicted to. In this case finding other "thrilling" things to do may help.... eg: take up skateboarding... watch horror movies.

3. Make sure you have an enjoyable outlet for your sexual needs withing boundaries you are morally and legally happy with. Decide what kind of sex you are ok with (I guess if you are a single, Christian BL then I'm basically talking about masturbation) and set time aside to make the most of enjoying that. Don't rush it... plan to give yourself some time... get comfortable... get away from your internet and enjoy it. The more you can make this a positive experience the more you'll be able to find contentment in it.

4. A book I highly recommend is Addiction and Grace by Gerald May. Anyone serious about breaking an addiction would do well with this book.

5. Understand that you do not NEED porn. You CAN live without it. A big part of your success in overcoming is to accept that and make a decision to simply LEAVE it BEHIND and get on with your life. You can say... "I want this and I'll feel bad if I don't have it but THAT'S OK! I can live without it".

6. One of the fruits of the Spirit is self-control (Galatians 5:22-24). A prayer that I recommend is, "Father, I really want to give in to porn right now and I feel like I have no strength in myself to resist it. I really need Your help here please give me Self-control by your Holy Spirit and help me find something else to do. Amen".

God bless you in your efforts


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