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It always seems to go wrong

Posted by Eldad on 2011-05-09 00:36:36, Monday
In reply to Why isn't anyone representing us? posted by . on 2011-05-08 17:19:25, Sunday

There was a program on British TV about 15 years ago where a couple of BLs were interviewed; they came across really badly. Admittedly one of them was campaigning in favour of substantially reducing the Age of Consent - which went down really badly with the interviewer, whilst the other was soon appreciating some very mild boy pix. Both came across as painful losers.

Perhaps the most visible BL advocate is

though he is an ex-offender, so isn't quite where you want your advocate to be. But the core problem is that even a celibate paedophile is every parent's nightmare; although perhaps in some cases - as when you've been the boy's friend for several years when the truth emerges and nothing has happened, which is what occurred with my YFs at one point, who were then 16 anyway - they will cope. But on the whole you are inviting trouble, and certainly being excluded from boy's lives. So it's far easier to keep a low profile and be the AFs that our YFs need.

My own bet is that in the medium term the issue will come to be presented as a rights issue for young people: if they choose to have a sexual relationship with an adult, then why should they be stopped (that is the basis of Peter Tatchell's argument for an AoC of 14 - for which he has been widely pilloried). This is going with the grain of the zeitgeist, whilst the belief that people can remain celibate is barely believed; the fact that a small number of Catholic priests have been revealed as active paedos has made the celibate even more suspect.

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