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Why isn't anyone representing us?

Posted by . on 2011-05-08 17:19:25, Sunday

Sometimes I wonder why a BL like myself does who shares the same values and morals does not get out there on tv, news, blogs and other media on behalf of us inactive, celibate, non-offending BL's and clear up all the misconceptions and stereotypes?

I know its risky but honestly if I did not have my close knitted family who are so worried about their reputation and honor I would be out there fighting tooth and nail trying to explain to the world that I am a pedophile who is against any sexual interaction between adults and minors and that I am celibate, compassionate and have very high morals and beliefs and that under no circumstances would I ever have an inappropriate sexual encounter or relationship with child.

Unfortunately for us one idiot went on air named Jack McClellan who is now all over youtube where he spoke to various tv shows, fox news claiming he is a pedophile and does not offend but he was a blundering idiot who talked about having a website where he takes photos of little girls to share with other pedophiles and when asked if he would ever have sexual contact with children , he mumbled and stuttered and then gave an unconvincing response saying he doesn't think so. I mean is the best we can do in terms of having an advocate?

Look up Jack McClellan on youtube and paste the following titles in youtube search to watch..

- FOXNEWS - Pedophile Jack McClellan Interview

- proud pedo

- Glenn Beck with Pedophile Jack McClellan (9/12/07)

- THE STEVE WILKOS SHOW: Jack McClellan Returns

You will realize if this guy had actually done this correctly it would have had a massive positive impact for us but instead he made a total mess out of it. We really desperately need a advocate with pure intentions and no past criminal history or associations with inappropriate websites to go out there and do this for our future and for our human rights. Will this ever happen ?

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