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Re: What can we do to stop it?

Posted by Blackstone on 2011-04-18 02:35:47, Monday
In reply to Re: What can we do to stop it? posted by Rokker on 2011-04-17 11:08:36, Sunday

That's a pretty bold statement, Blackstone, don't you think? I mean, do you know this person so well that you can think that no adult has ever been a friend to this boy and truly loved him? I can tell you there have been many, and none of them felt the need to groom the boy into having sex with him, as his abusers did.

It would be a bold statement had I claimed this individual has never met a BL. But that was not my claim. My claim was that it sounds like he never has. In other words, what he wrote and the way in which he uses those terms gives the impression that he doesn't have a firm grasp on what the terminology means. The only leap of faith here is my assumption that someone who has had a bl in his life would know how to use that terminology properly.

It is certainly possible that the did (or does) know other BLs. But that's just not the impression that is given by what he wrote.

From a quick browse through some of the posts and opinions on this forum, it's pretty obvious that there are those here who would consider that the initial actions of the first of this boy's abusers (before being introduced to the second abuser) to be entirely appropriate and the man would have been considered a boylover.

Being a BL isn't about actions. Actions only help us see whether someone is a BL in as much as they are outward expressions of what the person might feel. You are as much a BL if you never meet another boy as the guy who has had multiple YFs. Being a bl is about the feelings you have towards boys. I find it impossible to believe that someone who loves a boy would stand idly by while that boy is abused. Not to mention being the person responsible for setting up and perpetuating that abuse. The fact he did this makes it very difficult to imagine this guy was a BL. Sure, many actions he might have taken might also be actions a bl would take. But that's not what makes someone a bl.

But how the actions of any adult leading a kid into a sexual relationship with him could remotely be considered "beneficial and honouring to God" is beyond comprehension.

Beyond YOUR comprehension perhaps.

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