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Posted by Cat on 2011-03-31 16:13:25, Thursday
In reply to Hello posted by BlindLepper on 2011-03-24 12:28:15, Thursday

Welcome to CBLF BlindLepper,

Our Father welcomes prodigal sons with open arms :D

I think the biggest problem we face is that we are socially shunned for being BLs and the church hasn't really woken up to the wrongness of that yet.

People can be quite ignorant at times... but that doesn't make them false.

I've been out as a BL in church and found acceptance and even tolerance... not everyone and everyplace is as bad as you think.

I'm not at all recommending coming out but being discrete about your sexuality is not living a lie. No one in church of any orientation gets up and gives us a list of who they are attracted to.... it's just not done.

You may even find, that in most modern churches, the practice of saying BLs are going to hell is quite out of date.

I hope you find support and fellowship here and over at cjat.

Godbless you


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